CMS 530 HP


With a gauge range from E5 to E18, a working width of 50″/127 cm and three systems, the CMS 530 HP also knits complex patterns quickly and highly productively. It enables an optimal combination of “knit/transfer/knit” with structured, distribution and racking patterns. That makes it ideal for high-level, flexible production, even when knitting intarsia patterns. Extremely short setup and adjustment times. An outstanding benefit when binding-off is the 4″ racking as “standard”. And it can be converted to the CMS 530 HP multi gauge.


2×16 Clamping and cutting points

Individual thread disposal of up to 32 yarn feeders by 16 separate clamping and cutting devices on each side. (Not for models with additional beds as well as CMS 520 C, CMS 830 C knit&wear, CMS 730 S knit&wear and Economy Line).

Additional holder for yarn bobbins

For suspension on the back of the bobbin board. For 2×4, 2×5 or 2×7 additional bobbins depending on type.

Additional yarn control units

Separate knot detectors for small and large knots with scaleable setting of the desired parameters.

Additional yarn feeders

Machines with one carriage can utilize up to 32 yarn feeders. Also for coarse or abrasive yarns.


For measurement of stitch length, controls external influences on yarn consumption.

Friction feed wheel

Yarn delivery device for reduced, constant yarn tension. Standard equipment for Compact Class, Multi Gauge-Class and Knit&Wear-Class machines.

Intarsia yarn feeders

Swivel mounted Intarsia yarn feeders in optimum size to be slipped on easily.

Keyboard with holder

Additional input keyboard with space-saving, ergonomically shaped holder.

Plating Kit

Plating kit consisting of improved plating yarn feeders and special yarn adapter. Colour and quality plating can be realized in better quality using the plating kit.

Plush device

Set of parts for knitting plush patterns.

Storage feed wheel

Stores the yarn and feeds it again for stitch formation under constant yarn tension.

CMS 530 HP Specifications